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My almost 5 yrs old son has complained a couple of times over the past few months that his eyes are burning and they hurt. Today he complained and said that he did not feel well and that he had a headache. Do you know what the possible causes can be? He does not watch alot of tv or anything along those lines.


Hey there since he is only 5 years old maybe he doesn’t know what he is really experiencing. Sometimes eye pain can be substitute with some other condition like tooth pain. But if you are sure that your son is experiencing eye pain accompanied with the headaches than maybe he is suffering from conjunctivitis.

This is one of the most common eye problems and it common for children and adults. This is allergic, bacterial or viral inflammation of the eye. Sometimes it is called pinkeye because the conjunctiva gets inflamed and turns a pinkish color.

 Pain is usually mild but there are few more symptoms which can accompany pain such as redness of the eye, itching sensation and sometimes there is some discharge from the eye. I hope this was helpful.