Hi Everyone!

  I was hoping to get some opinions and maybe some new ideas I can research and discuss with my doctor. A little history, I have always suffered with gastro issues and have simply been told it's stress or IBS. Mostly my symptoms have been severe, chronic constipation and severe abdominal pain that have both put me in the ER several times. Each time I finally had a bowel movement (about once every 7-10 days if not longer), it was always extremely painful, accompanied with a fever, and diarrhea. I have had 2 colonoscopies (2011/2013) and 1 endoscopy (2013) and the first time I had polyps and the 2nd time I had inflammation but was simply told it was only IBS and I've just dealt with it.

Well about 8 weeks ago my symptoms completely did a 180, I now have chronic diarrhea and go to the bathroom several times a day and it catches me off guard, it is still accompanied with severe abdominal pain. I have also started experiencing heart burn, intense bloating, and a complete loss of appetite. I will take about 2-3 bites of food and feel like I just stuffed myself. I've lost about 15lbs over the last 8 weeks but have not been experiencing any type of fever, no blood in my stool, etc. I just had another colonscopy and endoscopy with the DR saying my colon looked good but some inflammation was found there and in my stomach like last time. My stool sample came back negative for any bacteria or parasite. I'm still waiting for the results of my blood work and I have a CT scan with contrast tomorrow.

I'm just at a loss that once again, they may not find anything and I'm stuck with these awful symptoms. Anyone else go through something similar or have any ideas? Thank you!