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Below is a list of what we have been dealing with. My husband is at the Dr's right now.

October 2nd - In the evening, had a fever of 102

October 3rd - Fever subsided but then he started to vomit in the morning - 4 times. By the afternoon he was his normal self.

October 4th - Woke up at 12:30 AM vomiting bile and got sick 4 more times. Around 3:45 AM, he vomited again and this time, there were "coffee grounds" in his vomit. At 4:00 AM, he vomited again and now there were pieces of bright red blood. We took him to the ER and the Dr. thought it was his sinus?? Gave him anti vomit pill and sent us home. He slept most of the day.

Week of October 5th - Christopher was gagging while eating and drinking, doing a lot of belching. Took Christopher to the see Dr. Yin on October 6th due to his gagging. She felt the blood in his vomit was possibly a small tear in his esophagus. At the request of parents, she prescribed Prevacid. We started Christopher on Prevacid that week and continue to do so.

October 9th - Christopher got a cold and had a clear runny nose, we gave him Bromethane which helped.

October 11th - Christopher again had a fever of 101, no other symptoms, gave him Motrin and fever subsided.

October 15th - Christopher came home from school, had a good day but then all of a sudden, started to vomit and threw up 4 times. No other symptoms and by early evening, he was his normal self.

October 16th - Christopher again had a fever, although low at 100.4, it is still another fever.

October 17th - Christopher felt warm this evening but no fever.

October 18th - Christopher woke up at 3:30 AM with a 101.5 fever, he had energy and did not fall back to sleep until 4:30 PM. His fever had subsided.

October 19th - Woke up at 7:30 AM and was not himself, rolling and moaning. He got out of bed but could only walk on his knees. He started to vomit and got sick 6 more times. We then gave him the anti-vomit pill and he got sick again but it appears the pill stayed down somehow. He fell asleep on the couch, very lethargic. Woke up at 12:30 PM and was walking (a little wobbly due to weakness) and then was his normal self. Requested plenty of fluids and crackers and some cookies. We gave him Cheerios for dinner and he was not interested but ate most of the bowl.

October 20th - Woke up at 7:30 AM and appears to be his normal self but now has a cold again.

During the dates above, Christopher has not had his normal appetite, there were days where he would not even request cookies. Meal times have been difficult, he is gagging and not wanting to eat. We still continue the prevacid but something is not right. He has been sick way too much for the first half of this month. I called his teacher and other than some runny noses, no one is sick with stomach issues. His BMs have been normal as well. He has also had some bad bloody noses as well.



I really hope Christopher is all well now! Do you get any in site into what what the culprit?

We are very confused on why this keeps flaring up.