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I sometimes binge drink. I only drink on weekends (sometimes Thursday night as well), but when I do, I drink a lot, and have a very high tolerance. I am sometimes hungover, but I rarely vomit the next day. About a month ago, after a night of above average alcohol consumption, I vomited from hangover the next day. It was a particularly violent vomit, and by the second trip to the bathroom I coughed up a little blood at the end. Because of the aggressive nature of my vomiting, I assumed that I may have gotten a small cut in my stomach or esophagus. That night, I had a bowel movement that was normal brown with some bright red mixed in. I guessed that that was a little left over from the same cut that I threw up, and was worried, but my stool was back to completely normal the next day, and I never had a problem for a month.

This past weekend, I was over-served once again, and I felt similarly hungover on Sunday. I never threw up, however, but I had the same redness and blood in the stool after drinking. The following BM I had was completely normal, and I feel fine again. 

I'm not looking for advice on my drinking habits, I know I should take it easy. Is this cause for immediate medical attention if the blood has since gone away? Should I wait and see if it comes back? Any advice would be appreciated.


Hello abcd,

The acid in your stomach runs around a pH of 2 which is very acidic.  That will eat through soft tissues in no time.  When you vomit, you carry that acid all the up the esophagus and out your mouth.  That acid can eat right through your esophagus and ulcerate it.  That's why heart burn is a serious problem for people who produce too much acid and it keeps coming up into the esophagus burning it.  No doubt some of this blood passed through the intestine and came out in fecal material.  If you continue like this you could do permanent damage.  I make a suggestion based on what men of years back used to do in Europe when they wanted to binge drink.  Take a tablespoon of olive oil or more.  This coats you stomach and esophagus and is carried into the intestine protecting you from alcohol damage and vomiting.