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I had my gallbladder removed on 8/27/08 after entering the emergency room with severe abdominal pain. The prior week, starting on 8/19/08, I had minor to severe pain after eating at Taco Bell. I could not sleep well and woke up the next morning in pain, but it passed with time. I came to the conclusion it was a temporary health issue.

The next meal created the same stomach event and I began vomiting while keeled over in my bed. I knew at this point there was something seriously wrong with my stomach. After each event, the pain would subside after vomiting, and I would feel normal.

I went into Urgent Care and was told that I was constipated even though I explained to the doctor I had several bowel movements the prior day and did not feel constipated at all. I even vomited in the Urgent Care office and explained that it was my stomach and the pain radiated to my back, but his diagnosis remained the same, albeit with limited resources available to him.

I stopped eating any major food that Saturday, I took laxatives, and began a regimine of metamucil for the constipation. Everything was fine because I did not eat until the following Tuesday (8/26/08) when the intense dull stomach pain came back. I did not have any food in my stomach and the pain was so intense I thought death would be less painful.

I vomited over ten times, keeled over in bed, and could barely walk. I could have gone delerious from the pain. I got into the emergency room and waited for four hours to be seen! I spent that entire time just keeled over and wanting to start yelling at nurses to get me in!

When I did get in, they gave me morphine, and the pain went from a 10 to about a 7. It was wonderful to finally feel a release of pain. The doctor tentively told me that she thought it was a gallbladder issue, so away I went to the ultra sound technician.

The technician, of course not supposed to show you major findings, goes "wow, this is a pretty big stone" and showed me this silver dollar sized stone within the bile duct of my gallbladder. It was such a relief at that point to know there was something that was causing this extreme pain.

After that, I was told that my gallbladder will be removed via emergency surgery the next day. So, it was actually the next afternoon when it was removed and I am currently recovering. Everyone said most gallbladder removal candidates are usually overweight women in their 40's and that I was one of the youngest patients they have seen.

I am male, 24, about five feet nine, and 160 lbs. So, I'm not overweight and am pretty healthy.

Right now, the laproscopic surgery incisions are causing soreness, but it's wonderful to know I'll be able to eat without pain, and will recover very soon.

I have a few questions. I noticed stomach problems when I was 18, but never saw anyone until the gallbladder attack. The doctor said these were likely the first result of stones accumulating in my gallbladder. Before turning 18, I was able to eat usually anything without feeling sick afterwards. After 18, I would feel a little sick after eating, and would always feel sick after eating dairy products. So, I self-diagnosed myself as lactose intolerant. I also began feeling very lethargic at this point and started sleeping 16 hours a day. I was diagnosed with depression. Should I feel the gallbladder problem and lethargy are interlinked?

Will it be likely that I will lose this lactose intolerance with the gallbladder removal?

I should feel completely fine and not sick after eating normal healthy food now?

Should I feel more energy now and not so lethargic all the time?

Should I think this is the magic health problem that was causing a lot of the symptoms I was having?

The surgeon said most gallstones show up in only 25 percent of X-ray's, should I be annoyed that my urgent care physician didn't find the gallstones on his x-ray's of my stomach? I also had an unrelated broken rib three months ago, they took x-ray's of my stomach and possibly could have caught the gallstone.

Should I find fault in at least four doctors (2 attending physicians and 2 radiologists) for not finding the gallstones in the X-ray's?

I am quite happy with the result and do not want to seem critical. I thought the diagnoses and surgeon's care was excellent. Thanks for any replies.


I am only 20 years old an di am getting my gallbladder removed in a few weeks. My situation is nit as severe as yours, but I have all the same things going on. I do not have one large stone but several smaller ones. I am nervous for surgery. Was there any side affects after surgery? Thanks for your post :-)


I had my gallbladder removed via laparoscopic surgery on 06-09-2009, and I have had constant sever searing pain, where my gall bladder used to be. I think the surgeon my have stapled the tube that was cut too tight inside, but nothing shows up in scans. I wish I would have kept the gall bladder and tried natural remedies instead of removal. This 7 plus years is searing pain hell have taken a toll on me. I hate the Dr so bad that if I saw him I would scream at him with the top of my lungs that he is a bad surgeon. I am not going under the knife again and no endoscopy as that causes chronic pancreatitis I get acute attacks since the gall bladder was removed. Sigh please lord find a way to help all of us that still suffer with this horrid pain years after the gall bladder was removed. My gall bladder was just sluggish, no stones