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Hello, where should i start, almost 3 years ago my problem start.My tongue become white and yellow and has some red dots on the back side. I took a picture of it.I did try many medications, iso betadine, daktarine, lactobacillus, and mouth wash product, and I changed different brush and pasta nothing working!I also tried apple vinegar! salt in waterAnyone can help please?NOTE: I have made operation 8 years ago I put a ring on my stomach in order to lose weight


Hi there, this sounds like a case of Geographic tongue. I know this sounds weird but it gets it's name due to its map-like appearance of your tongue. By this i mean your tongue has irregular patches on its surface that look like the globe. The specific cause of geographic tongue is unknown, although vitamin B deficiency may be somewhat linked to this issue. Other causes may just be due to irritation of the tongue from hot or spicy foods, or even alcohol.

If this is the case here are some symptoms for geographic tongue:

  • Map-like appearance to the surface of the tongue

  • Patches of yellow and white that move from day to day

  • Smooth, red patches and sores on the tongue

  • Soreness and burning pain (in some cases)

Normally no treatment is needed, but antihistamine gel or steroid mouth rinses may help i you're feeling uncomfortable. Geographic tongue isn't dangerous, but it can be painful and persistent. If you're still concerned, go to a doctor.GOOD LUCK and don't worry too much (: