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please i need ur advice , i am 32 years old, i might get married next year. the problem is that im on antidepressant , since 1 year , and i have to continue , but i dont know till when ,because its not the first time i got depressed and anxious , i got that since 5 years , and i get it now again ,i m really worry, how would i manage my my health conditions if i ll get pregnant , meanwhile my partner doesnt know that , should i tell him or not, and getting depressed and anxious for the second time does that mean that i have to take drug for the rest of my life, or might getting married help me to get ride of it. thanks,


OMG! IF you get married and you want it to last you tell your partner everything!


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I have been on them twice.
Im not on them now tho.
I too am getting married in 2 months. I am getting very anxious at the min trying to organise everything. I no im going to be very emotional on the day an im worried about that too.
The first time i started taking them was because my 15yr marriage ended an my mum died 3months later.
The second time i had them was due to hormone problems.

But i agree with the other person. You do need to start a relatioship open an honest. This may help you too. Dont feel ashamed about taking the tablets. If only we knew who else takes them we would be amazed.

The second time i had them, i talked about it more at work...... Half the people i worked with were on them or had taken then in the past.