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I was hoping for some advice/people's opinion on whether it sounds like I have depression or am I just stressed?

I have been feeling weird for the past month. Very tired and achey. Irritable/angry & emotional. The biggest thing which is affecting me is the inability to concentrate. I feel like my head is all foggy- it feels like a physical a headache as well as a strange feeling, but it just stops me from thinking clearly & it is affecting me at work. I just can't seem to cope with simple tasks.

The irritability is terrible- my moods just change so quickly. I am just more sensitve to people's comments and have been very close to slinging things across the room in an argument with the hubby or close to walking out of work.

I have been feeling irritable and like I don't enjoy things as I should for a lot longer than a month - like during the lead up to the wedding....I felt like I was down in the dumps...but didn't do anything about it then, as I felt embarrassed to say I felt sad when I was getting married - I didn't want people to think it was because there was a problem with me & my Husband.

I have a good job where I am earning better money than I ever have. I have recently got married & I love my Husband. I have good friends and a supportive family. Work can be stressful as it does carry a lot of responsibility - and I have only been there 6 months....that's the only thing that I can think of that would be causing me stress. But I work with good people.....I have no reason to feel like this.

I don't seem to want to do as much and often have to force myself to go out for a night with friends, etc- but when I'm there I do enjoy myself - so it's not like I don't enjoy anything.

I've been to the doctor who thinks I'm depressed, as I have had it before about 10 years ago as a teen. I went on antidepressants which worked for me & had no troubles coming off them. I have been advised to either go on anti-Ds or have counselling or both. I just can't help but feel that the diagnosis is wrong & these are signs of stress?

Any insight would be great, thanks x


Hi bumblez I am not a mental health professional but what you describe sounds to me like it could be depression or anxiety, or possibly both as they often occur together, and both can be brought about by stress. Although doctors are getting better at dealing with mental health issues you will probably get a more definitive diagnosis from a psychologist. Also, I would suggest counselling if you can access it either as well as or instead of medication (in consultation with your health care providers). counselling/therapy can give you tools to deal with your symptoms that you can use for the rest of your life. I have had bouts of very deep depression and also anxiety disorders and have found therapy invaluable. I am no longer depressed or anxious, but when I feel things might start sliding backwards I have a whole host of tools that i use to keep me well. wishing you all the best