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Im 13 and yes i have my period but there's this, well um i cant explain it.  But it looks like that discharge in between the lips of my (eww) vagina.

What is wrong with me.




This should be just old blood clotted in your vagina, and so doesn't look fresh anymore and gets out of you in that "brown stuff" form. It comes before your period. This is common if you have never had a period. the blood is real brown and almost looks like diarrhea it is just very old uterus lining that has been waiting for you to hit puberty so it can be shed. Congratulations girls you are a woman now.


But, if this continues almost everyday for weeks, tell your mom. I'm sure your mom would be happy to offer you women advice and knowledge so you don't panic like this. Don't risk it.

I hope this helps. HAHA


Oh, and, a bit more info

You should have the brown stuff in your drawers checked out by your doctor only if it is accompanied by a foul or fishy odor. In that case, it could be an irregular discharge or sign of infection.

See a gynecologist then :P



Dear lamegirl

You'll have to be a bit more specific on what the discharge is like (colour, consistency, smell &c), and any particular time it appears, and where (between both inner lips, or between inner and outer lips). Some discharge is good; some isn't.

For instance, there is discharge that is nothing to worry about ...

  1. the vagina's natural cleaning & lubrication process
  2. from sexual arousal

There is also 'smegma', which is is found between the lips which protect the vagina, and around the clitoral hood. Smegma is caused by dead skin cells mixing with oil secretions, such as sweat and naturally-produced lubricants. If smegma is allowed to build up it may allow bacteria to breed, and begin to smell. Smegma needs to be washed away, but not with strongly perfumed soap &c.

There is also discharge that can arise from infection, and needs treating with medication.

Hope this helps as a start.