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Uhmm...this is kind of awkward to say but i'm probably going to have sex soon and i think i have some problems. First off, in my vaginal area i have 2 LONG pieces of skin that are all black and they look like they are very dirty and worn out. Like there's a small little ball idk what it is in the middle and then there is 2 pieces of black, worn out or dirty skin outside of it and its bothering me because if anyone sees that i'm done for. It's so embarrassing that i didn't tell my mom either. This is the first time i'm mentioning it and i don't know if its normal or not but just by the look of it i'm pretty sure 2 long pieces of black and dirty skin isn't normal. I can't describe it that much either. It's like my vaginal area always stays dirty and i don't know how to fix the damage that's already been made. My second question is that why am i always getting some kind of discharge without it stopping. Isn't it only supposed to happen like a couple weeks before my period. Even after my period till my next period there's always some kind of discharge or something coming out and it's bothering me you know. Please help me because if my partner sees this im done for...This guy don't mess around with girls who have dirty areas like mine


are you talking about both of your labias looking worn out and a dark color???

i kind of have the samething with one of my labias and omg i keep on having discharges every single day and it is annoying


Its not unusual to have long inner labia that protrude beyond your outer lips, so that they show, or stick out , or hang down and are visible.

Also some inner lips are very pink, some are more brown in colour, some can be very dark, like yours.

I can understand you feel freaked out by the look of your vagina, but variations are normal.
Also vaginal discharge is normal too, cos its the bodys way of keeping your vaginal opening clean.
it flushes itself out from within to wash out any unhealthy bacteria that can form, inside, especially after you have had your period.

The consistancy and colour may vary at different times of the month.
some girls get more discharge than others , and have to wear a panty liner all the time, to stop their underwear being stained all the time.

Most guys are happy to have sex with a girl , whatever her vagina looks like, just because most guys are intrested to see what you look like , cos its an intimate and sexual part of a girl , that nobody normally sees.

but if you are afraid of this guy freaking out when he sees yours, try sex in the dark, so he only feels with his fingers, and doesnt see with his eyes.
if you are a virgin, and not had sexual intercourse before, make sure he arouses you properly first, so that you are ready for sex, before he goes in.
Hopefully he knows where to find your clitoris, and will get you excited first by playing with that. then he can finger you gently, in your vagina to make sure you are nice and moist before he penetrates.

if you need anymore advice on the subject , just ask .
hope it goes well for you,
dont freak out, you are not abnormal, just a variation, like many girls are.