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So the other day I looked at my vagina and noticed I had white stuff on my vagina :$ I also get discharge and sometimes my vaginas itchy, but not all the time. I haven't started my period yet...i'm too embarrassed to tell my mom and want to know if I have it before I say anything...

If I do have it, how did I get it? is it normal to get it at 13? and how do I get rid of it?

Please help!! :-(


It might be just normal vaginal discharge, although the itchiness is a concern.

Yeast normally lives in every woman's vagina, but their numbers are kept in check by your vagina's natural acidity. They can start to breed excessively when there's a change in your body - from hormones, too much sugary food, stress, or abrasion. Even hot humid weather and wearing tight jeans can sometimes stir up a yeast infection. Then, once you change the environment within your vagina (e.g pH) the yeast infection will subside.

Many women experience discharge as a normal part of their monthly menstrual cycle (this could be a sign that your periods will start soon). BUT itchiness with it is something that needs attention.

Try not to feel embarrassed talking with your mum about what's happening, that's the best way for you to find out for sure whether its a yeast infection. Your doctor can take a swab and send it to the lab if you and your mum both think it could be thrush - then you'll know for sure.

Best of luck...let us know how you go!

Loading... do you think I have it or not!? i'm confused %-)

What do you mean the doctor takes a swab? how? o.O I have to go to the doctors!? How do they fix it?

I really don't want to talk with my mom about it, were not really that open about that stuff...what would I say!?


I wish there was an easy answer for you - but there's not.

In general, itching, redness and irritation is a sign of a problem; not all vaginal discharge is a problem.

There are several home remedies you can use to tackle a mild yeast infection (I wrote a book about it).

Re the doctors: Its just how they check whether there really is a yeast infection, or not. A swab is just wiping the area and sending it to the lab for analysis. But usually you don't have to visit the doctors unless you haven't been able to manage the infection at home. Yeast infections can be treated using home remedies, natural remedies, or if you prefer, medication. Your choice.

Its always a good idea to discuss what's happening with a trusted older female who can teach you how to tell the difference between 'normal' vaginal discharge and when something's wrong. Giving you an accurate assessment of your condition this way just isn't possible.

Hope this helps.



But how would I tell my mom? like how would i bring it up?

I really don't want to have to go to my doctors if they have to take a swab :$ unless i can do it myself so they don't look down there!

So then what are these home remedies? maybe i can try that and see if it does anything. Well the reason why i came on this site is because i didn't think it was normal. in school they taught us that its normal if its like clear discharge with no smell, well mine is like thickish white and it kinda has a smell. And like I said its itchy. But i don't get how this is really any different then talking with my mom, its still just talking about it...not like i would ever show her %-)

but thanks


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Hey :)

I hope by now you are already worry-free ;)

However, I have few comments regarding your worries and regarding what they teach at school...

About telling your mom - she was the first person who saw your vagina, so probably it would be best to trust her, don't you think? I know it is odd to show her your problems, I wouldn't do that either, so I get you - but talking and sharing problems - well, I think your mom should be the person number 1 to help you. Ok?... So, go ahead and just tell her...

About going to the doctor...

Well, the doctor saw many, many female sexual organs :) A woman must have a checkup with her obgyn once a year - After many years I still feel uncomfortable going to the obgyn for a checkup, but this is one of the prices women pay for maintaining their health.

And the teachings at school... personally I think almost every discharge has at least some smell, and the thickness varies - sometimes the discharge is thick, sometimes watery ... it depends on the hormonal balance among many other things...


I had the same problem and im 13 too. I told my mom and she took me to the doctor and it turns i had a yeast infection. Its normal to get yeat infections at 13 (i've had two yeast infections in the last year).