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Wat color is your vagina supposed 2 be normally? like is it normal if its black , brown , white. or watever .. like wat color is it normally supposed 2 be besides your skin tone. and also is it bad if its black? or wat does it mean if its black?

P.S. My Sis Is Goin Thru Puberty Right now And She keeps asking me all these question 4 where I hav no answers to .. so plz help.!


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OK Megan, no one seems to be answering you and you look sooo lonely, :-D I'll give it a try. Of course you must have one yourself, don't you? :O Why don't you just share your own information with her? Or maybe you are lying to us and you're not really a girl. >;)

Are you a girl? :-P

Here's my take on it.
When you say vagina I assume you're talking about the outer lips, inner lips and the skin in between, which is technically your vulva.
The outer lips are usually your normal skin color until you become excited. Then they turn red to attract a mate. Since most girls keep them covered, that's why you put red lipstick on your other lips ---- to attract a male. So before you females are even thinking about letting him see your pretty parts, you're already lying to the poor guy with fake red lips. :-S But some are kind of wrinkly and brown too.

Obviously, people with darker skin, are darker. o.O

The in between part is usually kind of pink and so are the inner lips if they are tiny and stay inside. If they are larger and peek out or just plain hang out, they are usually darker and kind of wrinkled like your boyfriends scrotum. Because that's what they would have been if she'd been a boy.

How'm I doin so far? Get out your mirror and check o.O

And don't forget to VOTE for me, I've gotta catch up with Bambi. 8-|
She really beat me this month >;)


Dont wrry , I'm a girl , LOL

And I just think its rlly weird talking 2 my sister about those stuff.

so instead I asked this question , and im gnna make her read the answers .. so yah



Ok the enter lips of my vagina are black on one side ! What does that mean????



so why do the vulva change brown and hang.... I'm a light skin girl ( mixed)
and mine was pink then turned brown and hung.. for a moment I felt like my skin was dead... but is it normal