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Hi! I had a cone biopsy done on August 4 and bled for about 2 weeks after (1 of which was my period on or around August 18. I am on the pill and should have started my period and its not here yet. I had some spotting last week which would have been the week before i should have started ( i should start today according to my pills. and always start first thing in morning and its not here so i worry). I thought the spotting was from tubing on the lake all the bouncing around and since i just had the surgery done in August I figured that probably caused the spotting because it only lasted that day. My Dr. warned me that it may take a while for my periods to be normal again even on the pill. My husband and I have had sex but I am on the pill and have been for years. Could I really be pregnant? I miscarried June 08 and when I was pregnant then my breasts were sooo tender and i just felt "pregnant". I don't feel any of that! My breasts arent tender or anything....every now and then i get menstrual cramping like im going to start my period. Please Help!



It sounds to me like what your doctor told you is what's happening right now. It doesn't sound like you're pregnant or there's much to be concerned about. If you are concerned, please ask your doctor about it but it doesn't sound like you're doing badly. Let me know how you're doing, okay?