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Im on day 5 of tonsillectomy.

The worst thing ive found is this awful mucous hanging around my throat- im constantly hawking it up and when i eat things nit get stuck in it and i can taste the food for hours after- its disgusting.

My throat has been painfull- but the painkillers have been sufficient and that hasnt been to bad. The mucous is the worst of it, coz its making eating hard.

One of the problems before related to tonsils/throat probs was excess mucous, and if i avoided dairy etc i noticed it got better. Wasnt this bad though.

Since the only things i could eat are soft things at first, i ate icecream and scrambled egg, which obviously thickened it again.

Anyone else have this problem?


I know its been a year but i thaught why not answer? The reason for the mucous is probably the ice cream. Dairy foods such as ice cream, and milk can create mucous in the back of the throat. I bet you are happy you have them out and done with now. Good luck.