Hello everyone. Im 27. Female. Have zero pain tolerance. Yet i was getting frequent tonsil stones so i decided to get tonsillectomy. Operation day was june 11th. Right after i woke up the nurses asked me how I was doing and i started crying. So they gave me pain meds and knocked me out. Woke up a second time. Still painful so they knocked me out again. Third time i thought i could get away with it but they wouldnt give me more meds. Instead i got some water and apple juice. I couldnt talk. As soon as i tried the juice ,wow did that hurt. Im on day 6 and to this day EVERYTHING i try to eat stings! I have tried mash potatoes, boiled egg, scrambled egg, ensure milk, applesauce, baby food, gatorade, iv fluids, popsicles, icecream, soup, fish--- it all hurts! The only thing thats ok for the 1st bite or two is jello and even that stings. Sucking on ice so far has helped the most. I have lost 10 lbs so far. I am taking tylenol with codeine and since i havent been eating my stomach is killing me. I feel numb at times. My limbs start to tingle. I also notice that by now sometimes its hard to breathe when i sleep so i have to sleep inclined in bed. During day 3 at night i was so hungry i tried to force a chef boyardee meatball down my throat. Boy did that make me cry. But u arent really crying bc even that is so painful. U cant cry, u cant cough and u have to try not to choke. I almost choked on water and almost had a coughing fit. Thank God i managed to stop it. It has been hell on earth for me. Im assuming its bc of my zero pain tolerance. I have read how some people have managed to eat and i fell so jealous. If i could eat then it wouldn't be so bad. Fortunately my left side now feels better. I dont see white anymore on that side. Its my right side that still has scabs and it hurts. Its day 6 so im hoping by day 10 at least ill be fine. I made the mistake of not taking enough time off work. I would say at least a week is good. This is something u just have to really fight through. The pain is unbearable at least for me but im slowly healing. Im thankful i havent bled. I also found that putting a warm cloth and vapor rub on my throat helps. As for pain meds..its true what they say. Set an alarm for every 4 hours to make sure u dont experience the pain. Good luck everyone. Hang in there.