i am quite young although i am going throught all the pain that you are!! i am on day 5 but i have been in tears several times over the pain of getting my tonsils removed!! i have been told to eat as hard food as possible but it hurts too badly to swallow. The biggest advise i can give you is... don't eat ice cream!!! The dairy is not good as it gives a bad sensation in your throat, then you have to swallow the saliva! I have tried eating toast, this is okay as i leave the crusts(not usually)!

What to Eat After Tonsillectomy Surgery Opt for these foods, which you may want to purchase before the surgery so you're stocked up and ready:
  • Cold Foods - The cold of the food may help with the pain and swelling. Popsicles, frozen fruit pops and sorbet are ideal.
  • Soft Foods - Mashed potatoes, pasta, cottage cheese (after the first 24 hours), and soup.
  • Juice, Water, Athletic Drinks, Punch- Remember, if it is very cold, it may help with the pain and swelling.
What Not to Eat After Tonsillectomy Surgery Avoid these foods, however tempting they may be:
  • Spicy or Acidic Foods - Things like lemons, oranges and grapefruits are acidic and can cause pain at the surgical site; spicy foods can also cause irritation.
  • Hot Foods - The temperature of foods served when hot can cause pain for some patients. Allow the food to cool before serving when possible, or select an alternative.
  • Hard Foods - Skip foods such as potato chips, tortilla chips and other crunchy items during recovery. They can be very painful to swallow.

I hope this helps!!!!! Pls reply with your views as i am in pain still!!!