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I am 15 years old and I had a Tonsillectomy on December 19th and today is the 22nd of December. Each day gets progressively worse for me. The mornings are the worst part of my day. All I have been able to eat is ice cream. I did try to eat ramen noodles, but even that hurt too much. Today was/is terrible. I almost threw up because I was chocking on mucus. My pain meds are not working and I feel miserable. So, I am getting a new prescription for pain meds. Each day I say it can't get worse because I feel like I'm at my worst. And each day it does get worse. My scabs haven't fallen off yet so I know the worst is yet to come and I don't think I can handle that. Also this surgery was/is a terrible experience for me. Yours could be fine and not as bad. Each person is different as will be there recovery.


Hello Mel,

all I can say is - hang in there, it will get better in a few days. Hopefully better painkillers will help you with the pain, but one thing that also can help with mucous and breathing is having a hot shower (or just let the very hot water to run water to flow, making sure the vapor fills the bathroom – like in sauna). Make sure you eat at least something - be it ice cream or jello or some noodle-free soup like plain chicken soup, before taking any painkillers because the last thing you want is to get nauseated. I know it’s horrible now, but you’re at the moment at the worst point and luckily, things can’t go worse from here. Make sure you stick to your painkiller schedule, maybe try drinking some protein shake to get at least some protein and hang in there,

Wish you all the best,