I am 17 and today would be day 6 of my recovery. I mean.. it hasn't been too bad for me. At first I tried ice cream. This was a horrible idea because of it being a dairy product. For anyone trying to eat- avoid dairy!!! By day 3-4 I was able to get down jello which felt amazing and possibily felt better than water. The pain was deffinitly bareable with a little help from tylenol. It only hurt when I woke up, which was to be expected. I thought it was strang how I was handling it really well. In fact, I was able to eat things like soft crackers that had been soaked in soup or scrambled egg whites. Anyway, on day 6 I woke up coughing and with a sharp shooting pain. I checked to see how my scabs were (like I do everyday) and I saw they were coming off. Are the falling off prematurly? Also, I saw a pin needle spec of blood on the side of my uvula (this causes no pain) opposite of the side with the falling off scabs.