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test 26yo male got tonsils removed and is currently in day 5 of recovery


I'm a 26 yo male who had my tonsils taken out on the 14th of jan.


I'm having mine out on Tues(01.22.08) really not looking forward to it...however after reading MOST of your posts, I'm not nearly as scared. I'm 24(will be 25 this year)....was living out west in Alberta when I developed blood blisters on my tonsils and then my tonsils became enlarged, the swelling went down quite a bit(that happened 07.09.07) but my tonsils have remained fairly enlarged and nasty looking....I was getting the odd white mark on them and what not. Well after going to the drs...several times....he finally sent me to the ENT here I am...with chronic tonsillitis...I don't have any pain....not since July/August of last year...but my throat gets a super dry feeling and it's quite annoying. Appearently due to the chronic tonsillitis I have become used to the pain....hopefully this will help with the post op not being so painful.

I will post an update after my surgery on how everything is going and what not.

Also, I read that someone had stocked up on straws(DO NOT USE STRAWS).....bad idea.

Hope you are all feeling better/slightly better even.

Thanks for the ease of mind. *HUGS*

God Bless



I just had surgery today.

The pain isn't so bad right now.

I am worried about the pain in a few days.

I've already drank half the bottle of lortab serum, and I have 1 more prescribed.

I've stopped taking them because I want to conserve them...

If I need more, will my doctor give me more?

I sound like a junky, but I don't do drugs, I'm just really tall I guess.

After reading all the posts on this site,
I am terrified about the next week.



I am 32 and I had my tonsils removed yesterday so I guess this is Day 2. So far, things haven't been miserable. I have been diligent with drinking fluids all day and most of the night. I take pain killers every 2 hours and halfway between doses take tylenol - there, I need to drink a lot. Today I was able to eat really water downed cream of wheat, some macaroni and cheese and a hot dog - cut very small like you do for little kids. I have also had some jello and applesauce. Lots and lots and lots of water and gatorade.

Sleeping has been hard for me. I can't seem to settle down. Not sure if this is the same for anyone else? I am nervous for the days to come but am lucky to have lots of pain medicine and to be drinking a lot now. So, I keep having positive thoughts.

The doctor told me to eat the few days to get back from strength - that has been a good idea. I have also kept nearly a constant ice pack on my neck (30 minutes on/30 off). I will try to post tomorrow to share how things are going. Another tip that has been good...when I do lie down, I use 2 or 3 pillows. I also ice my entire neck - not just throat.


Well, I got my tonsils out just over a week ago on my 30th birthday. The first 3 days were ok. I made sure I kept hydrated and drank a constant stream of cold water and made sure to take my pain pills ever 4 hours like I was supposed to. I also drank quite a few milkshakes because they just made me feel better. I even got to eat a bit (some lo mein noodles, egg drop soup and mashed potatoes drenched in gravy). On day 4-6 however were the hardest for me. To me, the pain was excruciating. I had difficulty sleeping at night and the scabs continued to make me gag. All eating that I had done before STOPPED because it hurt so much. I went back to a mostly liquid diet. I am on day 8 and it's not so bad anymore. I ate some top ramen today but found that I could not tolerate the Campbells cream of chicken soup at hand. I think the fact that I could not control the way the size of the chicken and potatoes in there made it difficult for me to swallow. I find myself drooling over pizza ads (and I'm not a pizza eater) and have been craving chile of all sorts. Food I know I won't be eating for awhile. Meanwhile my family has been torturing me by eating all the stuff I have been unable to have...

All in all, it has hurt like crazy and I can only hope that my ear issues (the reason I had to get the tonsils out to begin with) will be much better after this. This has not been an easy road. I'd much rather be recovering from all my previous surgeries.


Hi Everyone

Jen here from Aus and i'm on day 8 post op. I have been reading these posts over the last few days and i think if i had read them prior to the op i would have put if off!! It makes me better to know what i'm going thru is normal and other people are experiencing similiar to me ie the pain and agony!!

Here's my account of everything:
OP day - i had to fast from 7am - my op was a 3.00 but by the time i got done, woke up and dinner was been served - i didn't eat until 5.30pm so i woke from the op wondering where the food was!! i woke up ok, though a little blurry and my nurse looking over me was cracking jokes so i woke giggling and laughing (hmm looking back now maybe it was the pain med and anaesthetic!!)
day 1 - 4: i was in pain but not too bad and was eating oats for brekky, custard and jelly and mashed vegies for dinner - in fact by day 4 i was back at the shops and feeling normal
day 5: i got a mouth infection - although this may be the scabs forming, i now cant eat anything and even water stings!!! i'm gettng hungrier and hungrier and just craving real food - my craving is for a big juicy steak and chips!
day 6: my lowest day ever, due to not eating i feel really weak and unwell and throw up after eating jelly - thats it no more sweet food for me!
day 7: discover this website and feel better after reading other people's posts, i rest all day and see a local GP who prescribes more pain meds and different antibiotics - he suggests for me to call the ENT specialist later in the week to discuss my mouth infection - i manage to eat potato and gravy for dinner and goes down soo well
day 8 - today. i feel progress my throat is still soo sore but i managed boiled egg soldiers and toast then later soup in a cup. i feel in much better spirits :-D
i have to say gatorade/staminade and ice tea go down really well with lots of ice and i agree drinking lots of fluids as well as keeping up the mouth washes is helping.
here's hoping to a few more days and onwards and upwards with the recovery
on my day 6 i was regretting the surgery but today i know the long time gain of no more tonsillitis is worth it!!

luv and kisses
jen from bris-vegas australia


Hello my name is Paul, and thanks to all who have posted, this place is an invaluable source of information for adults getting a tonsillectomy!

I'm 21, living in NYC, and after all my life of having tonsil problems I finally had them removed this week. They were absolutely huge, developed crypts, would get infected every month or so, and caused the development of allergies.

I had the operation done around 8am on the 17th of March. The operation lasted about 2 and a half hours, due to the fact that during my surgery, the fixture holding my mouth open broke. When I came to I was still extremely drowsy, and I felt like I had an ordinary sore throat. I gulped down a couple of cups of water (which did burn a little) and was sent home with a prescription of vicodin and antibiotics.

It is now Thursday (day 4) and all I feel is a sore throat. I'm currently on spring break from college so I can afford to watch tv all day and stay on the couch. I take vicodin (7.5mg) every 4 hours and do not feel any real pain, just a sting when I swallow. I feel much better than i do from when I was suffering from a bad sore throat.

Overall I feel that the recovery is going extremely well. I have not had any horrible pain, any ear ache, and I can down soft foods relatively well. I am very happy with how i'm feeling, as expected much worse.

So yeah, tonsillectomy recovery can go well, and thankfully, mine is.


Also, don't drink anything remotely acidic. I had a cup of pineapple juice, and it really burned my throat.


I'm 24 years old and I'm on day 7. Reading some of these posts at this forum almost put me off getting the surgery, but I'm glad I did it cos overall it has not been too bad.

Day 1. When I woke up after the surgery I had some pain in my throat and I could barely talk. I immediately went to sleep for a couple of hours in one of the hospital rooms. That day I drank heaps of ice water cos the nurse said that it was really important to keep your throat moist. I also ate some ice cream and jelly :-D My doctor said I was allowed to eat anything I wanted except bananas, tomatoes, spicy foods. He also said to expect some bad pain on days 4/5/6.

Days 2 - 5. I felt uncomfortable at some stages, but I made sure I took my medication and by day 3 I was pretty much able to eat anything I wanted (except spicy food and acidic foods of course) if I chewed them properly before swallowing.

Days 6 - 7. My doctor was kinda right cos the pain in my left ear and throat got a little worse but nowhere near unbearable. I just took my meds, found something quiet to do and forgot about it til it disappeared.

My scabs haven't fallen off cos I've been keeping my throat moist. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow for a checkup. One thing to note is that I didn't go poop for 6 whole days cos of the food I was eating and the medication. Some advice for those who have yet to have the surgery:

1. Drink lots of water! Keep your throat moist at all times.
2. Take your meds, otherwise you will pay for when the pain comes and it's too late.
3. Eat! Eating food gives you energy and makes everything easier. Also don't run out of ice cream in the freezer!


I'm 28, female, had them out on March 26th. Like everyone else said, terrible pain from day 1-7. 8 got a little better, until my doc told me I was in the "danger zone"- i.e. chance for bleeding.

Today is day 9.

Still haven't had more than 2 hours of sleep at a time, still can't eat anything even slightly solid. Pureed everything.
Drinking lots of water, just had some Ensure but I can't get the nasty taste out of my mouth now!

I wonder if the scab on my left side is starting to come off. It sort of feels like I have hairs electrocuting me in the back of my throat.

Is that what the scabs coming off feels like?


I am age 30, had mine taken out two days ago due to sleep apnea and chronic tonsell issues. They removed my tonsels, my abnoids, part of my soft palate, and my euvula. Overall it hasn't been that bad. However I don't want to minimize the experience either. I keep Gatorade on hand always, take my pain meds religiously, and tonight had some Sushi with Miso soup- the salt in the Soy sauce helps with healing, and the cool pieces of fish seemed to make my throat feel better. I chilled the Miso soup and it honestly was pretty good. I've been told to keep hydrated not matter how much the pain, 1 gallon minimum per day along with drinking electrolytes and taking vitamins. My doctor prescribed me cough syrup with codine, which works great overall and lasts a long time. Anyway, I'll keep people posted on here and am very thankful to have this site.


Hi all. I am 28 year old female and am one week post op for my tonsillectomy. The firs few days were ok I just stayed hydrated and kept my mouth moist by any means possible. I did have some ear pain and a bad day on post op day 6 counting my surgery day. That day my ears hurt my throat hurt and the back of my nose holes :-) which really was the most uncomfortable. Everytime I swallowed they would squeek. however some of this pain was self inflicted. I did have a lot of phlem and made the mistake of trying to clear it out thus swelling the membranes. Today I feel ok staying on top of my meds and away from icecream or any phlem producing matter. Popsicles are my new best friend bannan twins. It is still uncomfortable to carry out any long conversations and my white board pen just ran dry :-(. Anyway hang in there everyone I am hoping this will be like a tooth extraction and once its gone and the wounds heal it wont hurt anymore.


I'm 16, I had my tonsils and adnoids out on Friday (4-25-2008), I guess im ok except for the fact that I think I'm starting to heal up and burns like crazy on my throat. My dr said that I can't have Ice cream, but i really want some, I guess I'll have to wait. Also, is it normal to wake up in the middle of the night with an upset stomach and then puke? I can't stand the taste in my mouth and also, I can hardly swallow anything, and keep it down, like water. Is this normal?