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I am 20 years old, got my tonsillectomy on Dec 15th. According to my doctor my tonsills were infected when i went into surgery, in which he said lots of puss was coming out during surgery. It's been 6 days after my surgery, the first 3 days were a breeze to what I am feeling now. it seems to me that each day keeps getting worse, more painful. I am on Hydrocodone, which hardley helps at all, it only helps the pain to a certain extent. I think they should have put me on something more stronger. Nights are real painful, it is so much harder to swallow at night, and my ears are hurting. During the day I try to drink as much water as possible so that my throat stays moist. It is real hard to eat anything, i try to eat pop sicles, crushed ice, gatorade, smoothies and i can never get anything fully down. I try to eat the ice and stuff so it will kind of freeze my throat. I just don't know what to do anymore, i am in so much pain especially at night. I am taking my pain medicine every 4 hours on the dot, and tried increasing the dose but didnt really see a difference. At night i have been sleeping with a heating pad on my neck to try and decrease the pain, which has helped some. I wake up in the night and can't even swallow because it hurts so bad, i can't cry because that hurts just as bad. Also i don't know if this is normal but my tongue hurts so bad! I do have scars on the sides on my tongue from the clamps i guess but the back of it hurts and the sides, it just throbs all the time. My tongue is also like a blackish greenish color. And i can not uriunate without pushing it out. I have the feeling that I have to pee real bad and then sometimes nothing will come out and sometimes i have to push and almost force it to come out. Are these things normal? Does anyone have any suggestions to help with pain or things to eat? Anything..... Please someone help!


Hi Samantha,

The pain around day 6 is usually the worst. You should expect a few more days of pain and then a rapid recovery. The pain is usually more than most people have ever experienced. You will feel much better in a few days, hang in there! Your tongue is bruised from the operation and should heal completely over the next few weeks. In terms of eating, ramen noodles, macaroni and cheese, scrambled eggs, clear soups, oatmeal, Jello are some good things to try. I wish you a rapid recovery!