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I've suffered from what I THOUGHT was hemorrhoids for well over 3 years.  I've seen doctors upon doctors to try and get the pain under control.  I tried EVERYTHING like, Annuice, Butchersbroom, change in diet, I even had a colonoscopy thinking that there was something more serious that may be wrong with me.  The doctor told me that I had internal hemms and gave me a script for suppositories.  He said that I had skin tags but that was normal. I was so fed up with dealing with the constant pain and my husband was too... I was having a good week.  The pain had subsided and it was only painful with bowel movements, I made sure I had a high fiber diet and took miralax daily.  But it wasn't enough, my husband and I were both tired of the rollercoaster.  I finally decided to try Ultroid.  That was an absolutely horrible experience for me because of the pain and discomfort while the proceedure is being done.  However, after the first treatment, I could tell the difference in my BM.  However, it sent my pain SOARING again.  Another 3 weeks of severe pain and I was spent.  Almost a year later and I was all out of options.  I finally looked into T.H.D. surgery because it is an alternative to a hemorrhoidectomy which I heard way to many horror stories about.... 


I saw the doctor the end of May 2013.  He barely could complete the exam and he gave me a full rundown of what my REAL problem was.  He said that I needed a Sphinctertomy and a fissurectomy and that I possibly did have hemorrhoids but he couldn't tell until he had me sedated and did a REAL exam.  I agreed to the surgery because I had no alternatives.  The doctor told me that the fissure has been there for years and never healed correctly which is why I am in pain all the time.  My anal muscles had tightened so much that it wouldn't allow my fissure to heal. 


I got the surgery done on June 19, 2013.  I am 5 days Post Op.  Day 1 wasn't bad b/c the drugs were really good and I couldn't really feel my bum due to numbing cream.  Day 2, same thing.  It was a little uncomfortable but nothing too bad.  I made sure to take my meds ON TIME and to stay on a soft diet (soups, water, yogert, pudding, puree fruit and I take 2 echinaicha pills per day) t he narcotics they give you can cause constipation so with every narcotic pill I take a dulcolax stool softener.  In the morning I drink the mirolax and before bed I drink the mirolax.  I stopped taking the narcs except for after a BM.  Although my Bowel Movements aren't terribly painful like they used to be, they are uncomfortable but I take a bath immediately after to keep the wound clean.  I'm walking around now... (waddling is more like it) but I can sit and it feels like it is healing.  All together the doctor told me I had 10 surgeries done but these are the one's I remember. 


Please do NOT read any of the negative things written about other's experiences and base your decision to have the surgery on that.  Have the surgery and get it over with... But only do it was a COLORECTAL doctor not a general surgeon.  The surgical pain is nothing in comparision to living with a fissure or with bad hemms.





first of all i hope you're doing great.. i would like to know how do you feel now.. Cauze it's been more than 1 year you posted this, and i read in a lot of topics that even some who had surgery are not healed yet.. i mean yes they are, but after like a few months it reappeared again. I'll really like to hear from you !!!

Have a nice day