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It was on my upper eyelid, it was about the size of a pea and the surgeon removed it. I had the chalazion for about two years, maybe more. It was very swollen for the first two days, but there is not much bruising and there isn't a red mark where it was cut. It feels like the lump has gone, but you can't even tell I had it removed.
Has anyone else had this happen? How long will it take for the lump to completely disappear? I understand that it is swollen and still needs to heal but it upsets me that it might never go :(


Hello there


There is no need to panic. First of all you had your chalazion for about two years and this means that you have been watching it in the mirror every day for more than 700 days. Finally you got it removed and now you are panicking because the place where your chalazion used to be is still swollen. After every procedure there is a little or bigger swelling and sometimes even bruising so you need to relax and give it some time. Our body needs time to heal and you need to be patient.

I hope that you will in a few days be happy to see that your eye looks normal and that you were worrying over nothing.