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It was on my upper eyelid, it was about the size of a pea and the surgeon removed it. I had the chalazion for about two years, maybe more. It was very swollen for the first two days, but there is not much bruising and there isn't a red mark where it was cut. It feels like the lump has gone, but you can't even tell I had it removed.
Has anyone else had this happen? How long will it take for the lump to completely disappear? I understand that it is swollen and still needs to heal but it upsets me that it might never go :(


Don’t worry! After every type of surgery you need to wait certain amount of time to see the real results. If you can’t stand to do nothing you can always use warm compress to lower the swelling. Warm but not hot water and some towels should do the trick. Watch out that they are clean.

Sometimes chalazion can reoccur but after it is surgically removed this shouldn’t happen. I believe that you have talked with your surgeon and that he has answered all your questions. If you could put up with it for two years you can be patient for a little bit more and wait for the swelling to get down and then enjoy your eye without that ugly lump.