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I have been sick with a cough and fever and went to the drs on the 8th of May and never heard back figured that everything was okay!  Saw the same Dr on the 14th of May and no mention of the blood test later that day I got a call from his office to tell me that my white blood cell count was high.  Went back on 05/16 and was told it was just allergies.  I am still coughing so hard that I get a burning sensation in my belly.  I am thinking I need a second opinon.  Oh and I am having issues with breathing very short of breath and work as a customer service rep kind of hard to talk with customers on the phone when you are gasping for air most of the time.  Any advise would be helpful.

Thanks Stacey


Hey Stacey. This is is a curious case. But I don't think that it is anything serious. Elevated blood cells count is a possible recurrence because of an allergy. You just need to find out what are you allergic on, because if you don't, things could get potentially worse. There is no need for that since, in this case, it's nothing serious. So, I would suggest you to go and see someone about your issue, talk to a doctor, see what's the matter with your allergy, and prevent it from happening again. Let us know what you did. Best regards