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My dad is in the Hospital going on 12 days now, he originally went in with a pain in his lower back and some masive chronic Hiccups. Well, Docs say it MAY be an infection in the Kidney however they have tried three different antbiotics on him and he says they pain is gone,the hiccups are gone too, but his white cell count is still elevated. I thin they said normal range is between a 4.8 and 10.8 and his count is at a 18.2. but a steady 18....When he first went in it was higher and although it has gone down some it won't go any lower. The docs say they are going to try yet another anibiotic. Hopefully, something brings it down soon. But at the same token if they dont' know I wish they would at least send them to someone you may have a better idea. Like a hemotologist. I'm getting really worried. When he first went in I figured a couple of days in the hospital and a few rounds of antibitics and he would be back home. I'ts taking alot longer than I expected and it's bringin me down. Anyone that may have any advise, information or has experienced anyting like this...(the hiccups and stuff) please let me know something. Thanks


Hey man. My cousin has also experienced this kind of problem, elevated blood cells count and fortunately for him, it turned out to be an allergic reaction and his immune system was fighting it on it's own. So, basically, it could be an allergic reaction, maybe on some meds, so I think he should go and check up for allergies. Also, elevated white blood cells count indicates that there might be an infection of some sort, and that could also be the reason. I would suggest you to tell your father to check himself further in order to find a proper reason for elevation.