I'm feeling a little annoyed if I'm honest. I'm a 20yr old female, non smoker, don't drink, not overweight.

I've had chest pains on both sides for almost 3wks, it could be breast pain (I can't tell) but then I started coughing 6 days ago which has gradually become worse. 11 days ago I was at a family party and had to leave as I'd become very light headed & my cheeks flushed bright red as I was burning up. This has been intermittent for the past week. The chest pain has become worst over the past 3 days due to the cough & has now spread around my back. I also cough up a green mucus, but the cough feels very dry & sounds like I'm barking! I'm very tired, haven't been as hungry as normal & have had ear ache, head ache and joint pains for the past few days that come and go. My boyfriends Mum has had the same cough for the past week & my Grandma was also ill with it for over a week. This makes me think it could be a chest infection that I've caught.

I've had 2 days off work as when I tried to drive my car, I felt light headed and tired & on a few occasions had to slam on my breaks as I just wasn't with it, so I don't feel I should be working. So I went to the walk in centre (doctors) yesterday and saw a nurse hoping to get something to clear it up. She told me that the cough has caused something in my chest to swell, causing the pain & told me to just take anti inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen (which I have taken & hasn't stopped the pain, other than my headache). 

I just feel I've been fobbed off and am now spending another day in bed when I should be working.