I smoke marijuana daily for almost 3-4 years, I also ran on the treadmill 2xs a week for anxiety. I eat healthy on and off. I quit smoking on Jan 1 2015. I have changed my eating habits by juicing every day and sticking to whole foods plus more fruits and vegetables. I have been doing cardio for 20-30 mins and lifting weights every other day. I've been drinking lots of water as well. I felt fine the first week but for the last 3 days I haven't been feeling so great. My right eye has been feeling sluggish. It's like slower or less controlled. It feels better when I press on my sinus area. My nasal system has been weird, kind of dry. It dosent feel congested but I feel a little sinusitis pressure. Also . My throat is itchy and the right side of my chest is feeling weird. Not in pain but I feel like more air goes into that side. I cough to see if I can clear my lungs, not that I have to. I don't feel the need to cough. I've been doing a steam inhaler and I saw a tiny spec of blood. Very small. Also my mucus from coughing is clear after that. My right side of cheek and neck is a tiny bit bigger than the other side. Feels a little itchy on face but there is no pain in neck or face. Also my breathing is fine, if anything I breath better. I can take deeper breaths than before. Is this the a combination of sinusitis and lungs clearing out from smoking + anxiety? I'm kind of freaking out but I want to give it time to see if it clears up. I'm a hypochondriac and I have been thinking it's nasal or lung cancer. Again I'm not in any pain whatsoever. I just feel weird. If anyone has any input or has gone through the same thing please let me know.