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Hi i have been some aches in the right hand side of my chest and my shoulder and arm ache abit when i move them and when i take a deep breath or go to cough theres a slight ache or pain this has only started happening for the last few days. i smoke like 20 to 30 a day and i have been very stressed out for the past year due to life and kinda been depressed at the same time i guess i was just wondering if anyone felt that these aches where part of this stress or something else.

im also getting alot of headaches which i take alot of paracetomol and ibpourfen a day


if anyone has any advice would be great as i hate going to the doctors to see them incase they think im over reacting i guess


thanks tom :)


Hello! I had this problem. It is called ostiomiglosis. It is when cartilage in between ribs or bones become inflamed so when you breathe it can be painful. Applying heat and ice to the sore spot and a few days rest should clear it up.