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Hey everyone

Last night i started feeling light headed and dizzy with a slight headache.

This morning i wake up, my chest is aching and im dizzy with a headache and sore/swollen glands.

I thought id have a hot bath to try make my chest better but it hurts so bad and has this dull painful ache and wont go away.

I've been drinking lots of water aswell as taking some vitamin C+E tablets and trying to get alot of rest.

Dont suppose anyone knows some temporary relief for this, im nots ure if ive just got a cold or not.


Hi Verbatim,

The thing is that it is hard to feel glands deep in chest and abdomen. What glands are swollen? Have you had any physical activities before your chest become painful? Many things can cause pain in chest. Usually chest pain comes from problems with respiratory system or cardiovascular issues. If you are having problems with blood flow in the body, you might experience headaches as well. have you had any problems with blood pressure?

The thing is that this can be a cancer related as well. This is very serious, and to be sure you will need to see a doctor. It is hard to guess if you have cancer problems without any medical exam.


Best regards,