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For over a week I keep having a dull ache in the centre of my chest Almost at the top of my ribs. I also seem to get numbness in the upper right arm, bicep/tricep area but not always, sometimes accompanied by my right fingers feeling numb as well. Today at work I had two large spikes of pain in my left leg and almost blacked out whilst feeling the ache in my chest. Felt light headed abit later. This evening all has been fine but now the dull ache is back again. It is worrying, at first I thought it was heartburn but the arm thing has started to happen.


What were your activities prior to these feelings of numbness and pain? Were you in an accident or did you hurt yourself in any way? Thinking back on these questions will help you tell what could be causing all these problems.

Talk to you doctor and tell him what you feel and what you think might have caused them. It would help him a lot in figuring out what is wrong. 

Keep us posted. Goodluck! Hopefully, it's just some overworked muscles.