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Hi everyone about 3 months ago I noticed a pain in my back like I'd over stretched , I went to my gp who sent for x ray and diagnosed me with a chest infection and gave me a course of ab s , then I hate to say I never followed the results up instead I paid for a course of physiotherapy who after 8 weeks very honestly told me he could find no real problems with my back muscles so I went to gp again who had a right go at me apparently my gp did not have my current addy and was trying to contact me to tell me I have an infection on my right lung now I'm worried sick I am a smoker but not had one this week I'm 35 and just finished the second lot of ab s but nothing the pain has got really bad and seems to be spreading across my entire back although I'm a very light smoker I'm reasonably fit and have great lung capacity and don't have a cough . What could this be please I can't think of anything else



Having an infection is different from having cancer from smoking.  Your doctor gave you antibiotics to kill the bacteria that have infected your lungs.  A bacterial infection can causes back discomfort particularly when you breathe or move.  I know this from having walking pneumonia.  That took me a year to get over.  I can't take antibiotics for that so all the doctor could do was give me a prescription for an Expectorant to make my cough more productive.  I was coughing so much it caused me to throw up repeatedly so I had to stop taking it.  I could barely breath.  I found that walking everyday and increasing the amount of time I walked over time helped to clean out my lungs however it still took a year to get over it.  If you are having sharp pains in your back that could be due to pinched nerves coming off the spinal column meaning your pain isn't in your muscles but rather emmanating from the spinal column making you think your pain is in your back.  You might consider seeing a chiropractor for this.