i'm just going to cover absolutely everything because i'm very confused as to whats wrong with me reallyi've had an extremely bad week, family trauma, close friend came close to dying and discovered horrible news and have important exams in a couple of days and i lost my revision books, poor, i knowobviously been feeling very depressed, not sure what to think about if anything at all, lost my appetite, have recently done a lot of weed and various other not so serious drugs but stopped before this week, aswell as hurting myself in any other way, though i couldn't take it earlier this week and just to get out of it took about 8 paracetamol and 4 ibuprophen, done this before, usually just sends me west for a bit, this time i was incredibly depressed, collapsed, came around about a minute later i think and then had a fit followed by some kind of cross between a panic attack and just hyperventilating, since then i've done it again just only ibuprofen, not on an empty stomach, started fitting again, 3 times in one night, also had bloody discharge last night and today, and have also been experiencing bad headaches but have managed to eat and drink water (though when i ate today i had horrible cramp like pains)and i know i've brought this on myself, it's just the discharge and the headache thats intriguing me