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I bent Down to push In a drawer and all of a sudden I have a shooting pain in my nose that leads up to my head , in my nose it feels like I snorted up water but it hurts a lot and the pain is mainly in my head but it just started hurting in my neck/lower head and middle head. So basically in my nose there is a shooting pain leading to my head and neck. I feel unfocused and a bit hazed out. Thankyou.


Hi Quinn,

How old are you?  Have you ever had any problems with your blood pressure?  How about your neck/head?

While not likely it possibly could indicate a bleed in your brain.  Do you know the signs of a stroke?  Check NOW:

1.  Smile!  Are both sides of your mouth even.

2.  Close your eyes and raise your arms.  They should rise to the same height.

3.  Say a simple phrase.

If symptoms continue or worsen seek emergency medical attention.

Good luck.