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i am very tensed...i am 15 years old.. and im having these shooting pains behind my both eyes..and constant headache which is killing me.. i dont get it all the time but most of the time...i have been getting these type of pains for 1 1/2 months and now im very freaked out...i've surfed the internet about this but all i get is creepy answers due to which i a getting terrified .. MRI's,CT scans etc ?? i mean i am just 15 and these things are not suitable for this age right?
well for some help..i've been told my a physiotherapist that my body is displaced and my vertebrae's are displaced frm there place...due to which i get problem in walking or bending etc...and my neck also pains when i go to kills when i get up in the morning i cannot help it it pains ALOT!
my eye sight is poor ...i have myopia..but i do wear glasses and i wear them since i was in 7th grade.. so that doesnt mean i have headache due to newly glasses or what so ever ..but i am relly feared about my headaches...i want to get rid of it.. i am just in 10th grade and i dont know how will i suffer all my life.. may anyone please help me.. any suggestions...i seriously want these headaches to go from my head it just blocks me from thinking about anything.. my friends say maybe i am tensed about something etc.. but what will a 10th grader be tensed about?? last week i also had constant nose bleeding for like 3 days continuously.. it wont stop till hours...i do get nose bleeding due to heat or if anyone hits me on my nose.. but last week it was unusual.. and then the headache starting getting more painful..please someone here help me i am really scared i need help...



Oh I so hope that my experience can help you!!! I used to have horrific bloody noses when i was 9-16 yrs old (approx.) and I do have the headaches <<<-had MRI's Cat scans too...lotsa times- docs scared of a brain tumor- it wasnt-!!!>>-- and the shooting pains in my eyes...oh do I know... and I am very near-sighted also- are you sensitive to light??? I dont know how much I can write I thought my headaches were migraines -they have evolved into IRITIS -this rare eye disease causes me a myriad of issues with seeing - including double vision, n a lot of chronic pain I have iritis in both eyes also.....(just searing and pressure).... I found out what it was after "pink eye' -that was much more... (& red)- and the pain n photo sensitivity were too much... I was diagnosed in 1996-1997 was given steroids but since then, my liver wont tolerate them, I have to use alternative methods for pain n management of this disease!!!( The effects are a miracle no Im not selling anything Gosh no!!! -- I JUST KNOW!!!) If you want to hear more, I do have a lot of info found out the hardest ways, I would love to spare anyone a 10th of my agony... I'm on Face Book Melissa Marie Eklund Bozeman MT 59714 USA Best of Luck!! I had a gr8 career n going places when I got so sick I had to come back home to live for 8yrs with my parents again -thank GOD for them, Im an only child too and I am a Liver Cancer survivor, it has taken this long to get better.. it does happen, even when all odds are against you and with with all the complications -whew- and many incompetent docs oh yes to the max!!!!! - incompetence, I hope this information about the never-ending headaches n eye pains will help you!!! Dont worry by the way Liver Cancer had nothing to do with my other health issues, this is because I was a performance artist and impresario in Chicago, thus in almost idealistic shape, no drugs, little to no alcohol and a definitive NO SMOKING outlook for life (or I couldn't write this to hopefully help ya!) ! -I was poisoned by a drug that was supposed to help my migraine issue - it could be used as an anti-depressant also but my "Midrin" wasn't getting rid of them. Ok it was called serazone I used it in 99-2000 for 4 months, almost all the 3rd world test subjects died from Liver Cancer and a a lot of the lab animals did show tumor growth, esp the lab mice, tumors grew at an exponential level I had read, I was missing 1 blood test n missed out on 34 million for all this loss, I ended up with 100.00 n financial devastation of my best friends, my parents. So dont worry about that 'C' part... ck with an eye disease specialist... also red#4 lenses help in the sun, just know they won't let you see green lights!!! Let me know if you'd like to hear about what helps that pressure and slows the cellular damage - this is the bad part that can make you lose eyesight, the build up of old damaged cell tissues, as they take quite a while to leave the eye... ok try this it always worked for me n hope it will for you... after next bloody nose starts, ok gross BUT try to find if there is a long clot up in the nasal cavaties, blow gently use q-tips carefully to see if you can get one... after if you do, the nose bleed should should slow then stop. Oh I hope this DOES work for you I had to bumble thru all this with out a real example.. plus all my baby teetg had to be pulled years of braces n oral surgeries and now my teeth look fine but the damage from 'C' is there... all that money wasted I have had over 26 cavities ps I was too late 4 chemo this is immune system stuff RA n iritis are part of it. They took over 54% of my liver, it regenerates so that's part of the reason all those years asleep, the blessing and curse is now I look like I have never been sick in my life!! All the sleep and good eating - well I look 21-25 most days but I have my bad days, I used to look like the vamps from Twilight, gold eyes alabaster skin 90lbs for a while..... the iritis makes my eyes red like the other vamps too the human liking ones for dinner. ;) Speaking of sleep ZZZZ I start my new job 2mara n get my- new to me- car!! Its been a long time!! Hope I helped!!!

Great Health to you and Me, Melissa Marie Eklund