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Headache for two weeks, lightheadedness, nausea, pain in neck, shooting pains down arms and back and no appetite.  I have this weird feeling of just not feeling well.  I have gone to the chiro for adjustments and still no relief.  He has ordered a CT for tomorrow, but I just keep getting worse as the day goes on.  Any ideas on what this could be 


Carrie, what did your diagnosis end up to be?  I was wondering if you had a pinched nerve in your neck, causing the shooting pains down your arms and back.  Did you find that it was it?  What did the chiro suggest for treatment?  I have had similar types of pain.  I have to take ibuprofen for it because the chiros and the doctors just kind of smile and don't do anything after I tell them I have constant pain in addition to a popping sound that is frequently occurring when I move my neck a certain way.  I hope you found out the resolution to your problem.