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Last Monday I yawned, and experienced an intense pain in my upper neck bellow my chin that stopped me in my tracks. It scared me to death, and now it happens every so often, and more often during my daily activities. My neck is constently aching, and in pain. Plus I get pains in the back of my neck, lower back of my head, all over my head, my nose/sinuses, jaw, teeth, bottom surface of my chin, and even in my chest. I also experience a sharp pain when I breath sometimes, and when I swollow sometimes.

Is there anyone out there that has experienced something like this? I've been to the doctor. 


Hello Therese,

you say you already seen the doctor, but what did he or she say about potential cause for this pain? At first, it sounds to me like you might have pinched or pressured nerve in your neck area - in some cases it can easily be corrected by professional massage or chiropractor visit, but sometimes you need to see a neurologist and have CAT scan imaging done to determine what is really happening.

Did you have problems with your neck or back before this started to happen?

Wish you all the best,





I remember him saying that my neck is all tense, and tender, probably because of stress, but he was unsure of the sharp shooting pain I get once in a while.

I used to have neck aches a few times back when I was younger. Plus I have experience the sharp shooting pain once or twice in my past, in the same area in my neck.

It sounds about right, with what you are saying. I will try looking into thos things. Thank you for the advice! God Bless