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:-( I have a list of symptoms, night sweats, irritable, no energy, no intrest in the things I used to love, and have not sleep a full night in a long time. The doctor says that these are all signs of depression. I have tried several medications, welbutrin, effexor, to name a few. I get relief from a couple of my symptoms, but not all. I wish there was something natural I could try, instead of perscription. I have even tried st. john's wort. I am looking for suggestions. I am a 40 year old mother of 5 with a full time job and a husband. I need a way to maintain.


Well, all the symptoms you have described are often seen in people who suffer from depression, but I’m also thinking that the situation you are in, the pressure to keep a full time job and be there for your family is also having very big impact on the level of energy you have. It really isn’t strange or out of ordinary to feel tired with so many obligations.

On the other side, night sweats are a totally different symptom which can be sign of several hormone-disturbance related conditions, from diabetes, to thyroid disorders. That’s why I would suggest you to run a complete blood work and check for hormone levels.
And, the only natural remedy that somewhat helped me was valerian root capsules, healthy food stores should have it.