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I was diagnosed a month ago with osteomyalitis in the bone of my big toe.  It started out with a ulcer on my toe and quickly flared up to find it had moved to the bone.  The doctor was immediately wanting to put me into surgery to amputate.  I have decided to try to heal it.  I have been usng essential oils on the wound and also taking antibiotics.  The skin is healing quickly now.  Just wondering if anyone has ever opted to not get the amputation or if there is any hope of saving my big toe.  I have heard alot of things recently that podiatrists are to quick to amputate. Please help... would love to hear some others stories and suggestions. 


Hi! Firstly I hope you've managed to get the osteomyalitis under control. As you'll know the problem occurs when you get an infection in you bone - it is most commonly in the long bones of the legs but can also occur as with you in th other smaller bones. The other thing is that is can be caused by an external injury of from the blood - so depending on what has caused your problem will also be a factor in the outcome. You would have thought that the doc would always suggest trying antibiotics first as this would give the best chance of saving your toe? As long as it's not going to be detrimental to your health in general. Good luck!