As a 61-year-old, my recommended maximum heart rate is 120, and 85% is 135. I've recently started going to the gym.

Mine goes into the upper 120s on warmup alone! On the exercise bike it goes up to about 136, on the cross-trainer it was 156 maximum today and on the treadmill at an incline it was in the upper 130s. I haven't had any chest pain at the gym, but am definitely aware I am exerting myself hard!

I had been free of chest pain for about 8-9 months until 10 days ago, but it occurs under stress or when running for a bus etc. - typical anginal character. My nuclear scan was negative in April.

Do you think I am pushing it too much, and could this account for the recurrence of the pain when I'm not at the gym? Should I be concerned? My GP said on Friday it was OK to go if I was sensible, but part of me wants to see how much I can do without getting pain.