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Hi All,

I've seen some similar posts, but nothing quite like what I am currently experiencing...for the past week or so, my upper left arm (Elbow to Shoulder) has felt heavy. It isn't numb, but it feels weighted. I've also had a pain/fluttering/burning in my upper left Chest. The type of feeling varies, and it appears to be located about midway between the collarbone and heart. I've also found myself burping continuously (sometimes after food, sometimes on an empty stomach), and my appetite has decreased a bit. I also find myself more fatigued than normal. I've also noticed the chest pain seems to increase a bit with mentally stressful situations, but physical exertion doesn't have a major impact. Additionally, sometimes some back pain, like a pulled muscle - is felt.

Because the symptoms had hung on for a week, my doctor had me admitted to the hospital for Observation earlier this week, and after X-Rays, Blood Enzyme Tests, and a Nuclear Stress Test (along with multiple EKGs), it appears my heart is not the issue. General Bloodwork (Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, etc) also looks good. I have also ruled out a clot in the arm as there is no pain.. just the discomfort and heaviness, and there is no swelling in the arm (or other body parts that could be affected by a clot). 

Admittedly, this has been a very stressful month for me personally and professionally, so it is possible that things are stress related, but things are toning down.... However, I'm hesitant to assume that is the case due to the "what if it is something more major..." thoughts.

My question is - has anyone experienced the similar symptoms of heaviness in the arm, chest discomfort (enough to notice, but not enough to make you stop what you are doing), the gas and fatigue...If so - was there ever an accurate diagnosis made for you?

Thanks in Advance for any helpful responses!


I have the same problem. Upper body burning heaviness and extreme fatigue. Was your issue ever diagnosed? I also goes down both arms on me.