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A few weeks ago, I was sitting quietly at my desk. I tried to stand up and was hit with a searing pain in the middle of my chest. The more I tried to move, the worse the pain became. It wasnt quite position related, bu being in a certain position did make it worse and better. Breathing was very dificult. It was like a painful weight was on my chest preventing me from getting a full breath. I was dizzy and sweating as well with numbness in my right arm and leg.
I went to the ER of course and stayed the night while they ran every sort of test they could. Eventually the pain subsided and I felt much better withotu any actual treatment from the doctors. They gave me nitro and GI cocktail. The cocktail did nothing for the pain but the nitro did. The EKG showed a left axis deviation. I followed up with my PCP laster that day who told me it 'looked like' I had several factors that all decided to blow at the same time' He sent me to a cardiologist who ran me through the ringer. He gave me something (nuclear medicene?) in a very large needle and I ran on the treadmill. They also did a heart imaging and everything seemed to show that my heart was in very good condition and I did not have a heart attack.

Ok I give up. What in the world actually happened then? I do have hyper tension (last reading was 145/85) and am not on medication. I am slightly over weight and do smoke. I do not drink.


Hi Frederick,

Without seeing all the test results it's difficult to say.

We can pretty much rule out blockages if they did the nuclear medicine/stress test.  That's good.  It does not rule out a spasm of the coronary artery or anything like that.  That would be my guess.

If your test results came back normal, and it sounds like they did, then it may be a one time event.  Your BP is slightly elevated but dropping a few pounds and smoking should bring it down.  Keep an eye on it.

Hope it helps.



maybe esaphiacal spasms sorry the spelling terrible wish it had spell check!