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Hello -

I don't know if anyone can provide a possible suggestion to this, but I'm at a point of frustration and don't know what the problem could possibly be.

I've been experiencing a severe stabbing pain, almost always at night, in my upper left abdominal region now for the last several years. This occurs sporadically and I cannot seem to be able to "reproduce" the symptom. Normally it happens one to three times a year typically.

The pain is located right about where I would imagine the upper end of my stomach would be located, or the spleen area - right under or below my lower left ribs. It always starts as a low ache and after a few minutes grows to a stabbing pain that sometimes is so bad it leaves me curled in a fetal position until it goes away - which can be anywhere from a couple to 15 minutes or more.

The real scare is that every time this happens, the next morning I usually have upper chest aches, pain, my left arm feels "heavy" and gets the pins and needles feeling very very quickly if I hold it above my head. I also feel lethargic and extremely tired. Sometimes I feel nauseous. All the classic symptoms of heart attack.

Now, I've been having issues with my chest in and of itself for almost 10 years (this stomach thing started about 5 years ago). Numerous emergency room visits have resulted in nothing. I've had so many blood tests that I've lost count. I've had two treadmill heart tests, many EKG's, an echocardiogram, an ECG, and even a coronary angiogram. All these tests have repeatedly proven that, according to those tests, my heart is fine. I also had an upper GI exam (with barium) which showed I have no upper GI problems. An MRI of my chest region did show that I had some fairly large gallstones - as such about 3 years ago I had my gallbladder removed. Unfortunately these symptoms didn't go away.

I have no idea what the problem could be after all the tests I've had done. It never fails that whenever I get the stomach pain in the night, the next several days leave me feeling like I'm going to have an impending heart attack and going to die. I've refrained from going to the emergency room for the last several attacks in the last year or so because I know they aren't going to find anything. I know that's not too smart, but I don't want to spend hours waiting around for a doctor to inform me a bunch of trivial things it COULD be when I know it's more serious than that.

If I had to make a guess, it almost feels like I have some sort of blockage somewhere, and whenever this pain happens it's restricting bloodflow to the left side of my cheats / arm area. The really frustrating thing is that even when I've been experiencing the symptoms they cannot find anything wrong.

So, I was wondering - hoping - that someone may be able to shed some light on this, someone who may have been going through similar symptoms and situations. I'd really like to find an answer... or heck, at the very least a possible direction which I can turn to do more research on my own for more possible answers.

Thanks for any suggestions.


I experience the same thing although not necessarily pain at night brings it on. it can come on it seems at any time, sometimes I wonder if it's weather related since I tend to start to feel a tinge of pain on my left shoulder side. Very cold or wet weather seems to make it worse. I also have had all the tests like yourself, with negatives results. I than had a test done to check the lower neck, which showed a degenerating disk in the lower part of the neck and arthritis....My doctor told me this was the cause, because a nerve running down the neck to the left side gets pinched when it flares up.......maybe you have the same?

Hope that helps you alittle :-)