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Sept 9th I started getting a soar throat and congestion.

Sept 10th -14th I had soar throat, coughing, congestion, headaches, and stomache pain. On Sept 13th the stomach pain started bothering me more & more.

Now all I have is a cough & the stomach pain...

The stomach pain feels like I am hungry (and I've constantly had this feeling since Sept 13th) but when I start to eat something it starts hurting worse & I get nauseous (but never actually throw up) then I get tightness underneath my ribs and between my ribs. when this tightness happens its hurts to breathe. The tightness will last 1-2 minutes each time & will come and go for about an hour.

Ive tried taking pepto bismol but it doesnt seem to help.

Has this happened to anyone else? If so, what did you do?



You could have same as me I had same problems for 5yrs now ent department investigations tests etc... Conclusion I have dyspepsia - stomach slow to digest food causes balloon bloating feeling around ribs centrally located then just to left slightly at bottom of ribs usually. It is uncomfortable not painful. This causes and adds to GERD acid reflux normally people think heartburn but some like me have silent heartburn when acid comes so far up it bypasses usual chest area where pain is usually located for heartburn. It burns your vocal chords giving pain in throat and hoarseness even loss of voice!
Sinusitis I also sufferer from pain in area of third eye cheeks feel tender sore even my teeth hurt sometimes due to connected nerves, now nasal drip could also be burning throat creating more stomach acid also as the mucus drips down back of nose out down throat into stomach when your sinuses are bad. Causes you to feel nauseous the occasional regurgitating of food and drink is the reflux hope this helps!