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Now, this doesn't mean you shouldn't go see a doctor. In fact, I urge you too. But if they find nothing and you still have a list of issues that are below try what I have to say.

Burning in chest.
Upset stomach (nausia, small faint pains)
Irritable bowels (movement that you can hear or feel and sharp pains)
Large pains in rib cage
Tightness or tightening of muscle on ribcage

Try This
After a month or two going to the doctor because I've been having the same issues we find that there is NOTHING wrong with me other than HeartBurn. HeartBurn can cause these symptoms easily. I was having terrible pains in my chest with a burning sensation. Bloating, irritable bowels, burning, and these huge upchucks of acid into my esophagus at times that would throw me out of my chair.

Guess what. I found the solution. Oh, yes and I'm 19 years old and have been lied to by doctors. Prescription drugs for acid reflux just make sh*t worse or don't work at all. Anti acid pills seemed to heighten the acid production and make it much worse

THE solution: Apple Cider Vinegar. (Making sure it has the apple pieces floating inside of it)
Yes, it was as simple as that. Just drink a small amount of apple cider vinegar with some juice or just mixed with water and it a short time you'll feel MUCH better. I'm still healing up from being burned so bad I still have a little bit of pain in my center chest, but no random pains and no scary BOOMS when the acid comes up. I'll be healed in no time cause of the apple cider vinegar. Just take it after you eat with a little bit of juice or water and it will most likely clear up the symptoms you're having - Which I had too.

ALSO, you need to change your diet. Less red meats and more vegetables. Snack on vegetables that taste like c**p and you'll start liking them. Additionally, eat less. Overeating will stress the muscle that tries to keep food out.

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c**p, I forgot to add. STRESS DOESN'T HELP.
Get less hours at your job, get a bike and go for a ride every day, go for a walk in nature. Things that stress you out will magnify heartburn 4x

Just relax, you're a beautiful Human Being and I love you. You're a divine creature that is the only example of you there will ever be.