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I am to have a hemilaminectomy and was told that it is an outpatient procedure. Apparently I have synovial cyst that is on the spinal cord under the L5 vertabre. I am to have the hemilaninectomy to give the surgeon room to remove the cyst and the added bonus would be more room for my inflamed nerve. This just doesn't seem like an outpatient procedure! Am I correct?


HI! It would be an inpatient procedure if the surgery was an old type open surgery.
However, more and more spinal surgeries (as well as many others) are being done endoscopically. This means that surgeons make tiny incisions through which they enter a small camera (in one incision) and their instruments in the other 2-3 holes. The camera enables them to see what they are doing on a big monitor, and they can perform the procedure safely, much safier than they would do an open surgery.

An endoscopic surgery is better because you won’t be left with a scar, the recovery is much quicker and the risk of infections and other surgical complications less. There is also much less pain.

Most patients leave the settings the same day.