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i'm 6 days post op and I too am in excruciating pain. My surgeon only gave me 9 tramadol tablets and when I rang for more he is out of the country for the next four days!!!!! Called doctor on call to the house Thursday night as the surgeon obviously couldn't take my call. Nobody at the hospital except the night porter and doctor on called left me waiting 30 minutes before ringing me back to tell me they don't service my address. Told me take a couple of paracetamol. Told him if he was prescribing that he had no idea the world of pain I was in. Drugs, warm baths and ice packs, minimal amount of food and stool softener only things keeping me anyway sane. I really regret my decision to have this done and in choosing a surgeon with absolutely no continuity of care.


Take sitz bath several time a day. You can also take ginger and other herbal medication like witch hazel and horse chestnut to reduce the swelling. You can also apply petroleum jelly to avoid anal itching to occur.