Hi! I'm writing this 7days after surgery. Hoping this helps anyone that might need help.

I had been suffering for over 10years with hemrroids, rectal bleeding, an anal fissure and uncontrolable anal leakage. That was the final straw when my hiney wouldn't quit leaking. I had been putting it off because everyone in my family has had it done and traumatized me. So far so good...

I read alot of post on here and other web sites and put together my own before and after care information sheet. I'm back to work after only being off 7days counting surgery day, because I didn't have anymore time off. It has been a long day and still have 2more hours to go. I'm tired and sore and just want to get off my butt. I sit at a desk, which I did bring my heating pad and took a pain pill when I got here so I think I will be okay until I get off and get home. Here is things that helped:

2 days before surgery change your diet, high fiber, soft foods, and lots of water and start taking stool softners. Remember what goes in must come out and you don't want to have to strain or have eaten spicy foods. 1 day before surgery go on a liquid diet and give yourself an enema that night. Try and get everything you will need after surgery bought and ready at home so you don't have to worry about it later. Here is my list: Baby wipes, epsom salt for sitzs bath, prune juice and prunes, MOM milk of magnisum, jello, apple juice, raisin bran, bran flakes, prunes, almonds, bottle drinking water, tylenol and ibuprofen, stool softners, dermoplast spray first aid red can, feminine ultra thin pads for the rectal bleeding, and someone who will help you the first day. My husband made a pot of homemade soup with lots of beans, fiber is going to become your best friend and water!

I did not take the pain meds until day 2 because my Dr. did a great job of numbing my behind until that evening. I had a Harmonic Scalpel Surgery, he removed 3 very large hemroids is what my husband said they told him. I haven't spoken to the Dr yet. I go in 2 weeks for a check up and then I will update my information. I take 2 peri colace in the am and pm and fiber lax 1 in the am and pm. I eat a bowl of bran cereal at night before bed. I take 1 pain pill with breakfast because now when I eat in about 20minutes I have to go to the restroom. After going to the restroom, HOT, HOT sitzs bath and another pain pill. Sit on heating pad until burning eases up. The pain last for about an hour, after that Im ok. I have limited myself to only eating 2 times a day because it hurts to damn bad, besides I could lose a few pounds, lol. I rotate tylenol and Ibuprofen every 2 hours so that I only take pain meds 2 times a day, this seems to be working for me. I drink lots of water and juice and been eating prunes in the wrapper and almonds. Look up food high in fiber and see what you like.

I have been going to the bathroom everymorning around the same time since I started this routine and this morning I was afraid since I was coming back to work my routine would be off but I wasn't. I brought a bag to work with a change of clothes, wipes, spray and feminine pad just incase I had an accident, you never know? I had got to where I was keeping a change of clothes at work anyway because of the bleeding and leakeage, very embarassing to be grown and have to worry about soiling your clothes. I'm turning 40 next month and wanted a new me!

My problem has been going regular, I changed my diet and started to excerise before the surgery, now that I've had the surgery I'm hoping this "fixed" my problem. These things helped me and I really hope they help someone else. Prayers to you all....