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Can I get some advice about fatty liver disease? I am very interested in hearing about herbal treatments for fatty liver disease, and in particular any studies that show how effective herbs are for fatty liver. If there are other alternative treatments, I would love to hear about those too.


Dear Terrel,

I have been suffered from fatty liver for about almost 6 years.
It was my worst time of my life since doctor who tried so hard to heal me failed and told me the truth that there is not any medicine to cure fatty liver on earth. I was shocked but at least the doctors tried their ways with hope to help me.

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The latest blood test told that I am almost completely cured without any medicine from hospital about 3 months.
Only the herb of Morseng.
I am answering here since i know how suffer it could be having this stupid disease for the past years that made me crazy.

I wish to help but only suggest you the correct and the only one herb that really heal fatty liver (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).
But this herb must be bought from thailand in order to get the real morseng herb. Somewhere else is not sure.

Its price is 3700 THB or about US$130, each bottle is about 2 weeks to finish.
The suggested amount is 10 bottles ( for serious fatty liver) continually in order to get rid of it in long run.
But for myself it took effect since I finished the second bottles not starting at 5th bottle but completely cured.
My GPT and OPT back to normal now.
And then you can choose to take cheaper herb to boost your overall health keeps healthy or just decrease the amount of the herb or even stop it.
But this kind of disease will come back later then after quite a period of time.

Also you must consider the cost of shipping to your country too.

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