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I have been suffering with abdominal pain that is mostly in the upper left quadrant and radiates to my umbilicus and through to my back. I have been diagnosed as having a fatty liver, but am not obese. I do have pretty high cholesterol, but have been taken off of the medication due to high liver enzymes, (AST 1600, ALT 1400). My doctor is running more blood work. What should I expect? What can I do to change things?


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hi kim,

Well do you drink a lot of alcohol? i would deffinatly be getting the cholesterol under control which will most likley invoulve some change in died especially with fried foods. alcohol also has a large affect on the liver. as for the alcohol. if you are a heavy drinker it usually leads to fatty liver disease the good news is it normally goes away if you stop drinking. now i'm not sure it means 100% no drinking or just drinking very sparsly.

hope this helps some. let us know what the blood test results show ;-)