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I was curious. I had routuine bloodwork done about 3 weeks ago. The night before i drank about a 6 pack and my liver results were off the chart. ATL i think was 3X as high as normal ( i could be wrong, i just know everything liver related was really high). A week after that test (i hadn't receieved my results yet)....i drank about a 6 pack a night for 4 nights in a row. I had another blood test done a week later and the results were better but still high.

I've only been drinking for 2 years. The first 1.5 years, only twice a week and a 6 pack at most. The next 6 months, pretty heavy and about 4 times a week.

I donate plasma quite frequently, so i know for a fact i don' t have aids or hepatitis.

I'm 5'7''. 185 lbs...and about 50% body fat.

Just a little worried cuz my friends have been drinking a lot longer and heavy than me, they are all smaller too, but they are 100% fine.

Was wondering if this is could be fatty liver.... or even if its a possibility that i give up 800 mL of my plasma every 3 days that my liver is over reacting.

Any input would be helpful
thanks in advance.


I see a lot of views, but no is my situation. Its agaisnt my religion to drink and my dad is my doctor. This may seem selfish.....but i'm financially dependent on my parents. I entirely quit was my plan to do this in a year when i quit college (change of lifestyle stuff)...but i'm doing this now.

I had a second idea though....i read a lot on fatty liver and i could qualitfy, but with what i know of chemistry, i feel like i've been drinking hard for long enough for my liver to have ajusted....thinking the amount of alcohol i consume is a normal amount and its producing more enzymes.

If this idea is right...i would like to know....but i am really running out of options